Ditch Cash & Paper Checks– Pay Employees Day One.

Pay your employees digitally—and immediately—after each shift. With our instant Branch Card, your employees can start getting paid on day one, whether that’s in wages, tips, or mileage reimbursement.

At Branch, We're Helping Bridge the Banking Gap.

Many long-term financial benefits—401Ks, HSAs, etc.—fall short in providing immediate help to people living paycheck to paycheck. Which is a surprising number of Americans: in fact, 78% of workers are living this way.

When you give employees access to our app, you help them manage short-term cash flow problems, avoid overdraft and other traditional bank fees, and boost their financial wellness. And you? You get to cut turnover costs, boost productivity, and attract and retain more talent.

Even better, it's free for both you and your employees.

We’re the only challenger bank partnering directly with employers to bring meaningful financial wellness benefits to working Americans.

Instant Pay

In case of emergencies, your employees can access earned wages ahead of their scheduled payday.

  • No cost to you or your employees
  • Prevents overdraft and maintenance fees, which could keep your employees in a cycle of debt
  • Eliminates the need for them to take out a high-interest payday loan
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Digital Wallet

Unlike traditional banking services, we offer a no-fee debit card and direct deposit that make banking accessible for working Americans.

  • No account minimum fees
  • No overdraft fees
  • No annual fees
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Our budgeting tools give employees at-a-glance data and insights into their spending habits, help them track upcoming bills, and alert them if their balance gets too low.

Financial Wellness Starts at Work ›

Tips & Reimbursements

With our app, you can instantly pay out tips and reimbursements to your employees’ Digital Wallet, just like you would their wages.

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Offering Better Benefits is Just Better Business.

When you help your employees address financial challenges, you change lives—and your business prospers, too.


increased shift coverage


decreased turnover

$70,000 /yr

average savings, per 1,000 employees

Employees are also proven to be more productive at work when their financial stress is minimized. Plus, you’ll be able to attract and retain more employees by offering meaningful benefits hourly workers actually need.

Getting started with Branch is fast, flexible and free:

Easy Set Up
  • No changes to payroll or pay cycles
  • No minimum commitment
  • Employees can sign up right from their smartphones
  • Free for you & your employees
  • There are no pre-funding requirements or per-employee fees.
  • Branch is available to 100% of your workforce, no credit checks or contracts
Fast Deployment
  • Up and running in as little as a week
  • Available in all 50 states
  • Built with enterprise security standards
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