Savings Education

Alerts employees to upcoming bills
Highlights spending trends
Helps with cash-flow management

Get your employees started on their financial wellness journey

Provide smarter money management and savings education with our Auto-Budget feature. Because pay can vary from week to week for hourly workers, Branch gives your employees an at-a-glance view of their finances to help plan ahead and save for longer-term goals.

What is Auto-Budget?

Employees get an overview of their expenses and wages, as well as insights into spending habits so they can adjust their budget and better plan for the future. They’ll also receive alerts on upcoming bills to make sure they’re on track.

How it works

Instant pay doesn’t require any changes to your existing payroll process. We work with you to get an estimate of wages earned and let employees access up to 50% of their upcoming paycheck. This service is pre-funded by Branch; all we need from you is time and attendance files and a roster file; we can work with either flat files or API integrations.

How it works

Backed by research from data scientists, we provide an automated overview of your employees’ earnings and expenses, essentially creating an automatic budget for them. This broad overview helps simplify finances for users and alert them to upcoming bills and spending trends that could cause them to overdraft.


Realtime visibility into balance and transactions increase financial awareness


Spending trends provide insights into earnings vs. expenses


Alerts for upcoming bills and low balance help employees avoid overdrafts

Better savings education and money management improves employees morale and retention.
Reduced Absenteeism
Improved Talent

Good for Business

Increased employee satisfaction and retention
Reduced absenteeism
Improved talent attraction by offering a meaningful financial wellness benefit

Good for Employees

Alerts for high expenses and low balances
Better planning for recurring bills
Eliminates overdraft fees

Ready to go beyond the paycheck?